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Maintenance / Energy Savings

These Images Show A Poor Maintenance Program with Energy Lost

At Air-Plumb Heating & Cooling, we have maintenance / Energy Savings programs for our customers to prevent these problems from occurring.

It’s sad to say when most persons think about their heating and cooling needs, is when their equipment is not working, don’t be that person and we are here to help. If your haven’t had your furnace serviced for many years or you just moved into a older home this may be a good time to have your furnace and air conditioner have a Tune-Up and get better Energy Savings. Monthly checks of your filter is a good idea this will prevent those problems as show above from happening sooner. Waiting until these problem to occurred will cost you a bundle to fix and in the worst case, you may need have to your equipment replaced.

We provide services, repairs, and (tune-ups) maintenance on all major air conditioner, air handler, furnace, heat pump HVAC brands. We honor manufactures warranties even if we didn’t install the equipment. But we don’t honor other installers labor warranties.

There’s Maintenance Programs That Don’t Cost You A Bundle They’re FREE With Energy Savings

Checking your condenser coil for cleanness, if not, clean your condenser coil from dirt and rubbish with water at low pressure (DO NOT USE A HIGH PRESSURE HOSE THIS WILL DAMAGE THE FINS), the condenser will work more efficient. Clean ALL sides (4 sides) of condenser the dirties side is next to the house, even if the three sides are clean check side next to house it may be dirty. Having a min. clearance of 2 ft on three side of the condenser so the unit can have good air flow, checking each month your furnace or air handler for dirty filter, will increase the life of both units. If you have a 15 year furnace or older and is R22 and a condenser that breaks down a lot, it’s likely that it’s going to break down again and again. Let us help you select the best possible furnace or air handler and condenser or heat pump replacement we can offer’s you, with a 5 or 10 year parts warranty.

Call or Email us today to schedule a heating or air conditioning repair appointment or call us if you have questions regarding our heating and air conditioning services, we’ll be more than happy to assist you! We look forward to serving you! Call 405-301-7131

These units below, their life span will be cut short and the efficiency and on a real hot day you will notice it. this image show that this situation could be prevented, the home owner just has to cut back these bushes. giving these units 2ft to 3 ft space from the bush.

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